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tv   [untitled]    February 23, 2011 2:30am-2:59am EST

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as the science fails to agree on intellectual property rights. that's it for me more news in an hour's time.
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wealthy british soil it's time to retire the money. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy is a report on our. welcome back you're with our team here's a look at the top stories a tidal wave of illegal immigration promises to drown your of as uprising is in
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north africa and the middle east thousands flood italian shores anybody has also threatened to lead refugees pouring into the continent. western nations are debating a multi-billion dollar aid package for the region hit by revolts to promote democratic and economic transformation but manny argued quit playing cards in europe and the u.s. means the money is desperately needed elsewhere. and in other news ukraine's positive patients accuse the health ministry of banking on their illness as hundreds of thousands are forced to fight for their lives they blame high level corruption and mismanagement for the lack of vital drugs. let's get more insight into the continuing unrest across the arab world in his recent article published in the wall street journal edward luttwak a writer and u.s. military strategist said that the removal of egypt's hosni mubarak would lead to either autarky or islamists coming to power r.t.
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spoke to him to get more insight that's in our interview that's coming up next. what thank you very much for being with us today who do you think pulled the rug from under mubarak and who is pulling the strings right now well it's pulling the strings and nobody's putting in the streets because this is a crowd action the crowd this is the popular insurrection it's not the revolution it's not the coup it's not some clever criminal who takes three tanks and takes two piles this is a real popular insurrection which is people are living under a government for one year and ten years and twenty years and thirty years and they all get it because of an incident something happened in this case of as you know it
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didn't happen in egypt it happened to me when one person was pushed around burnt themselves there was a crowd and they overthrew to me so this is the true popular uprising quite a special event there was some very interesting to observe how the united states turned their back on what barack and i couldn't quite quickly because they were allied absolute yes i know but the american government is always in a state of embarrassment when it's free it's not democracy so the united states. has always to manage the contradictions on the one hand we are normal american people we'd like friends that we don't like and on the other we also. want democracy we talk to michael see so when you become a for the united states and you're not the market you're in the difficult question
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because in. because there was talk of the iraq regime so it's always been about clothing in the americas of course on the one hand mubarak is a friend. on the other he's implicate so once the people get up the rule is this if you open fire. there was so long as you don't shoot the americans can be had from you once you tell the police to shoot. the iranians shoot the syrians should but if america is your patron you can go ok well earlier this month you wrote in wall street journal if mubarak leaves now there is all this likely to be in an article or islamist egypt or some of both until another dictatorship emerges you still seeking to see action yes i do i do in the region is that democracy is not something you come by in a show it takes centuries of development to get to by christian for example the
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last stage well into iraq remove saddam hussein. and what happened is not that the iraqis became the region or sweets they remain do they are so therefore it took enormous difficulty to form a. religious by our democracy. half working ok. and you cannot create you cannot jump ahead i believe that the conditions of democracy are in places like that on the other hand you the states cannot be supplying weapons to a dictator who shoots his own people you cannot do it politically is not possible because as a us president you cannot go to congress with the money but well also if you look
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at what's going on right now starting from tunis it's a chain reaction. social at ground zero he said popular popular uprisings right and if they do not dictatorship they do not want to know what they want to yet they do not have a leader who to follow no you don't need that leader to have a democracy what you do need is to have respect for political rights. instead of democratization in our schools quite possible this legislation i mean if i look at these numbers they should integrate treated in iraq because they have islamic government if you go to today half the people in the drinking whiskey not because they like to speak just to give it to their god. so islamisation is increasing in egypt the way this preacher base fanatics. went to cairo one million people came to this because at this stage of development religion is
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much more meaningful than democracy and to have democracy have to have a real respect for human rights and personal individual. but let me tell you the middle east lost its appeal already with the cold war and it's even less important today it generates a lot of headlines but the real politics now is here possibly headed. to china that's where world politics is it's not the middle east is just pictures television pictures of people shouting but this is what this is what's going on there is nothing there's nothing good. these you don't buy a country that don't really produce a. dog if they don't develop something. then not import some of them have or that's. the center of world politics is completely different to that do i understand correctly that you believe the hero is
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most likely to suffer the most out of this. and wait for frank arrest already already started last week my prediction in the wall street journal is they paid the price if you look at the article the first boats arriving from tunisia people who just want to entry to. the boats you know arrive in these islands they have what can produce a. little islands first in the article the refugees because of disorder upheaval tourism industries debts so right away nobody so they made immigration. and this is a big problem for illegal immigration. and of course from a business point of view with egypt much more business with europe than the states investigates was providing strategic support money to egypt but the business with europeans go on holiday. and you know if there's an islamist government there you
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can forget about going to the beach so europe is much more close to tunisia and egypt the united states certainly are quite hawkish on iran to put it mildly you believe me down once a month no i don't care if they wanted well. it's not important first of all iran is not exactly a great center of technology i'm not worried because of the technology. they make wonderful don't use samples but as for the rockets they're not good for us in the nuclear program has been going on for each. year and nothing happens now the problem with the red is different because the fact that the iranian regime is in a constant state of instability they're always in the stability and they resolve the problem by external aggression so they are every. criticize.
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apparently subvert the propaganda one too they are paying everyday hamas. the rockets to have them. and hamas is sending the rockets on the heads of my jewish relatives or you know i don't think that they are funding thirty million dollars. every week to hizbullah in lebanon a med be they say maybe fifty or so years by is a in effect a terrorist kind of organization as well as a political organization of course and they're actively doing terrorists. there are state supporting terrorists therefore they are disturbing element in the middle east and therefore i believe that even if their government was popular they will be . as it happens the government is unpopular but iran is still
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a sore point what do you suggest could be done because what sanctions could only know people not the government sanctions are symbolic measure. but there are so few things that could be useful for example. there are measures europeans very cheap with that would really create a problem for you ram for every day rather here he's flying to italy to front for the room and with these flights bringing some refugees inside but usually government officials who are doing government based. close it goes for its would put real pressure. and make it clear so there will be leadership sanction sprog like for example we will not give a visa to anybody that there is a government official that said. you work for the government you have an. so these
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would be cheap is amazing to me but i don't believe that it really works and what will work is time. will solve them because they are creating a post islamic society in. iran is the only muslim country. which is becoming less was every day every day there's a regular who says that's it i'm finished with the only thing that bothers great pride getting will be too strong the word is that we have a serious financial backing strategically this is not a threat if. we don't is this is not the cold war so this is the time for the united states to focus on domestic financial probably five years not the economy because he has to solve itself but probably find. at this moment forty three cents of every dollar spent by the u.s.
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government is borrowed half of it from abroad from germany japan and china so that's not really a sustainable supply. that's big stuff now. or this middle east northeast all that comes out of the middle east is no. nothing important happens all right and look like thank you very much for this interview thank you bill. well turn to the. period in a blizzard of winter blues should get to slopes in try out some new text brushes
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got a limping calendar excitement in its southern melts just trainers to keep you in top form and watchful eye on the goal line carving the trail to sochi twenty four to one technology update here. we've got the future covered. good samaritan. excellent professional. medics travel possessing an extra ordinary car. the doctor who helped many people in his country. the political criminal responsible for thousands of deaths. was it an attempt to repent or just escape a fair trial. the other life. on our team.
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title wave of illegal immigration promises to drownd europe as uprisings in north africa and the middle east thousands flooded shores has also threatened to let refugees pour into the continent. western nations are debating
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a multi-billion dollar aid package for the region headed by revolts to promote democratic and economic transformation but many argue crippling cuts in europe and the u.s. mean the money is desperately needed elsewhere. and in other news ukraine's positive patients accuse the health ministry of banking on their illness as hundreds of thousands are forced to fight for their lives blame high level corruption and mismanagement for the lack of vital drugs. but i have lines here in our to be back at the top of the hour with more updates in the meantime natasha will bring us the latest from the world of sports. hello welcome to the sports update on r t r's have a look at the headlines says come all schools roots of the last sixteen of the europa league following a two one aggregates win over pollock style on the. playing the blues chelsea
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making a successful staunton's of the champions league knockout stages by beating copenhagen in the first leg. and also left the playoffs begin sixteen teams will solve their quest for the good car and call with a conference call finals later on wednesday. and it's kick off with football where it's a scot became the first russian team teresa lost sixteen of the europa league on tuesday nights not showing a late one all draw against a lawmaker here in moscow says come on the press lead won the last week but themselves down in the sixty seventh minute office loving muslim of its level matters over all of the loss and missed a penalty in the eightieth mad thoughts of big national visuals that to smash the ball off the air rebound so one only finished on the nice meeting since god get through to walk on aggregates. meanwhile chelsea have made a winning stopping the champions league last sixteen as they beat asacol and tegan suniel on them because doubles sealed the win lose elsewhere on tuesday night real
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madrid missed that chance to win in prague says they were held to a waterhole joyed me on up the spine of the results exemplary new is optimistic for the outcome of their return leg to receive. the blues there's no experience in new so the circuit. but. when one. we play aplomb. the same way. support them look real madrid will be visiting. the gym and of course for the second. and two more champions league games take center stage in europe on wednesday including holders into milan taken on by munich in a repeat of last season's final the italian side are missing the two king brings of that success strike a diego militar and coach moreno military school of bogle's and their famous to
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victory of the burden of bail in lost is the side of it now the argentinian is sidelined with a hamstring injury and into have also changed coaches twice since that phenolic rough have been into step he was a fill the void left by maureen used to ponchatoula dreams but he was later replaced with current boss leonardo who insists his side's mindset is right for the upcoming game. i mean i know something for sure this squad is still you can. we are the champions now we have the mentality in our minds we want to win and we're able to compete with anyone i know that we feel that. elsewhere men stay united have arrived in ma say ahead of the first leg of the champions league last sixteen tie at the start velodrome must say will be without. due to a growing the injury and forwards lloyd creamy and brandow are also a doubt premier league leaders united men while will play without rio ferdinand and ryan giggs chris smalling is said to pop in the money of
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a ditch at the heart of the defense much to united's boss as this year's champions league is anyone's game. but i don't need to. think the prayers of the because it doesn't concern us in the sure doesn't concern us a that's an opportunity when you get to the stage and work in. between very open. and there was a number of times you could remember. that some of the clue could add those nice fixtures into the dresses by munich and the sincerely need and mostly hosting manchester united at the start village old confronts. moving to the english top flight now we're told have missed a chance to go said in the premier league as they went down three want to blackpool the side as a solid victory over last week's ac milan congress charlie adam d.j. council and brad paul maritz scoring for blackpool while the chant coming out of
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the consolation goal for scars remain fourth in the table. and just one more game on wednesday with a gun has taken on stoke at home and one person will miss the clash due to hamstring injury while. and still suspended ending more pressure on the gunners is their schedule with wednesday's games that passed a five within just a fortnight. they were neighbors were involved in four competitions. sure but his credit to the squad you know. the fantastic and very deserved to be a reward for their own now in town is russia's mikhail youzhny and you go into the dunk enjoyed mixed fortunes at the start of the dubai championships former world number three dove a down cold breeze lesser known spaniard gilly are more garcia lockless while here's me suffered a disappointing defeat council french until some more going down six three seven five. per cent through though was twice defending champion novak djokovic
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hardly troubled by frenchman michel will draw in what was his first match since claiming dual strength in the open three weeks ago don't reach taking it since three six three to make it to the second stage told see the goal to federer is also there to be india's so far month. now over to the n.b.a.'s most talked about transfer carmelo anthony was traded from denver nuggets to new york knicks in a move which also so russian ricky my famous go go in the opposite direction anthony will now join fellow all star maurice stoudamire up front making the knicks better equipped ahead of the playoffs as they haven't made it to the postseason since two thousand and four it's going to great it's going to grace and we'll answer it is is is to news staples center but i can say because you know i always know if i have all the stars that i think new york is not going to take over the best start of states. over to. get on the way with four games
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on wednesday ls i'll have a look at today's faces western conference champions like about t.v. star their best of seven series against a number men skill who have qualified for the knockout stages for the first time ever while it is not moscow over their campaign against the lap band is not here in the russian capital sparta travel north to play style started school st petersburg and finally moscow regions blonde will take on several style. now with three hours left before the social impacts the first test event was held at the largest venue of the twenty fourteen games because that was there for us. just fifty kilometers from the russian black sea city of sochi and you find yourself among this stunning beauty of the cookies a smile intense however they're not just there to be admired the alpine ski resort the frozen hooter is situated on the northern slope of the eagle reach the plan is to create a unique here around when you can bring the possibilities for alpine skiing and
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seaside relics ation i have to say that i'm really impressed by your raising the quality of snow we can find in. the result before. in particular we have skied order over this last. high offices up to see spatial snows that will probably appeal to many many guests not on these are wishing but as well as the international guests. were very demanding as a base to work around the result rosa khutor has seen a massive overhaul and will become the largest venue for the forthcoming winter olympics in twenty fourteen there are currently four ski leafs well in three years' time they will be eighteen and older piece of between a thousand and two thousand metres above sea level and can host international ski federation events which could be expanded by eight hundred thousand spectators and there is even more to come as a snowboard park. and freestyle center i've been built on the east of the rosa
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hooter plateau since the thousand seven one special was awarded the winter olympics one of the biggest construction project and washing history got underway the largest barrier of those future games was finally put to the test as the first major sports event their european cup took to the clubs here across the quarter and it feels like their lympics have already started for the rosa khutor resort and the venue claimed its first piece of global attention as russian president dmitry medvedev and prime minister vladimir putin visited the slopes to see for themselves only organizers efforts the european cup was the first test advantage among seventy that will take place in sochi over the next three years. and the inaugural alpine ski event across the whole of russia received its first serious examination and was an obvious success all the systems what test to change sure they met their proper weight snow covering safety requirements and logistics and everyone seemed to be
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satisfied with the slopes and with the organisation of the tournament around they held over the whole world in. really can. hear it in full mountains and the organizing committee they did a great. get this slope ready pizza very good and difficult and very challenging and writing is very interesting it can be compared with the best venues in europe and it's absolutely the best site in russia adverse weather conditions did change the plans of the organizers but they have always had a plan b. and there is nothing to worry about even if there is no snow. it was a real test for sure and quite satisfied with a job before our team of course we have to progress in some parts but there was a very new result and i can feed on such a successful. it's your fault. and the school stalls are going to get the slopes
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and suitable for skiers of any level but it also means the city get a hold. on olympic disciplines in just one area it's not only set to become the best ski resort but will be able to compete with other european values. are to see such. as this falls for the moment coming up next is the weather stay with us. wealthy british style it's time to. go. to. market and. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headline news to report on our.
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culture is that so much given to each musician on the market days of rage revolution in the arab middle east is the era of dictators coming to an end in this vital region and as the west. will. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms. we've got the future covered.


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